Which Personality is Your Cat?

Cat Personality - Pet Wants Exton
  • 23 August 2017
  • Pet Wants

One of the great things about cats is they have very strong personalities. If you’ve ever wondered how your pet’s personality compares to other cats, you’re not alone. A group of researchers at the University of South Australia wanted to answer this question, so they analyzed a total of 3,000 different cats and came up with five distinct personality types.

1. Skittish

A common example of skittishness is when a new human visitor stops by, the cat will run off to one of its favorite hiding spots. If your pet falls into this personality category, you can make it very happy by providing a variety of hiding spots throughout your home. This can be as simple as items like a cardboard box.

2. Outgoing

One of the words most often used to describe cats in this category is “nosy.” Outgoing cats are the type to investigate and explore as often as possible. Mental stimulation is essential for this type of cat. If an outgoing cat isn’t exposed to new toys and types of play on a regular basis, it will get bored and may end up engaging in destructive behavior like scratching furniture.

3. Dominant

As an only pet, a dominant cat can be completely fine. But if a cat with this personality lives in a house with other felines, it may act out as a bully. For example, if cat food is put into multiple bowls, a dominant cat may try to hog all of them instead of just sticking with its own bowl. Keeping a dominant cat active can help take the edge off its personality traits.

4. Spontaneous

Of all the different personality types, this can be the hardest one to fully nail down and identify. The reason is a spontaneous cat tends to react differently to the same situation on different occasions. Anxiety and high energy are often contributing factors to the behavior of cats in this category. even though it can take some patience, providing this type of cat with plenty of play and a consistent routine can help it thrive.

5. Friendly

Last but definitely not least is the friendly cat. If your pet loves to purr, bump its head against you, and rub against your shins (as well as those of visitors), chances are very good that your cat falls into this category. Cats like this tend to have been thoroughly socialized as kittens.

How would you describe your cat’s personality?